Services & Rates

Holistic Wellness Alternatives

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE:  $59 Plus Sales Tax (Intro $39 New Clients Only/$159 Discount Package)

Therapeutic massage is a form of bodywork performed by applying the use of multiple techniques/modalities (Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point therapy) combined with stretching to assist you in achieving ease and comfort in movement.  Benefits of therapeutic massage include stress reduction, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite, muscle pliability and increased range of motion.  Also, known to strengthen mental focus and increase circulation.


EAR SEEDS/AURICULAR THERAPY:  $15 ($39 Discount Package)

Ear Seeds is a non-invasive alternative to Acupuncture and Acupressure.  Ears seeds/beads are applied to the meridian points located on the ear and pressure is applied to stimulate or activate the energy channel specific to the clients needs. Ear seeds are beneficial for clients looking to curb addictions and/habits as well as relaxation. Contact office for scheduling.


HYPNOSIS:  $79 ($219 Discount Package)

Hypnosis is the use of suggestion, repetition and positive affirmation with your client in a trance state relating deeply to the subconscious.  The benefits of hypnosis include improvement in moods, behavior and mental clarity. This alternative is beneficial for clients looking to break out of old routines and embrace their inner power to achieve their highest level of wellbeing. Contact office for scheduling.


WELLNESS COACHING:  $79 Individual Sessions ($219 Discount Package)


Nutrition Coaching includes, meal prep and planning, food education, shopping guidance and transition support. The benefits are reduce risk of illness or disease, weight loss, increased energy, mood improvement and healthier teeth, skin and hair.  Also, boosts self esteem! Contact office for scheduling.


Life Coaching is a guidance tool used to create awareness and accountability for current life circumstance.  Support is offered to enlist personal empowerment to make the necessary changes for the client to reach full potential. Goal focus and alignment with resources are beneficial in assisting clients in self improvement, relationships, career and other life facets. Contact office for scheduling.